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Bird Brooch - Red Wool detail

Bird Brooch - Red Wool detail

Christmas Range

Pretty Bird with cute Wool detail, Tibetan Silver finish, gives it a more contemporary look, rather than the bright silver. 

The robin is one of three British birds which have red in their plumage and have an association with resurrection, the other two are the swallow and goldfinch. The robin is commemorated on Glasgow's coat of arms as 'the bird that never flew'.  

It is said that St Surf of Kinross was befriended by a robin and when he prayed the robin would come and sit on his head or shoulder. Some of his disciples became jealous of the attention given to the robin and killed the bird but one of his followers, Kentigern, who became St Mungo founder of Glasgow Cathedral in the sixth century, prayed over the bird and restored it to life.


Bird : Non-Nickel (36x30mm)

Brooch pin : Platinum plated (25x35mm Smaller than the tree of life brooch pin)

100% Wool : 1cm approx